Who am I? I’m just another aspiring photographer, writer, and artist, who also happens to be a full-time university student. I’m that person wandering down the street not watching where they’re going because they’re writing a poem in their head. I’m that person taking pictures of everything at the table next to you in the coffee shop because the light is so amazing. I’m that person who stares at you without realizing it because they’re thinking about what technique they would use to draw your hat. But I’m also that person who sits next to you in school trying to get an A in science. I shop in the stores with you. I work with you. I file taxes every April just like you. Sometimes I’m more that person than the first one. After all, stores don’t accept photographs as payment. So, I began this blog as my commitment to spend more time on my art, not just the art I'm required to create for school. I committed that at least once a week, I will give you a look through my eyes: it might be serious; it might be funny. It might be through writing, photography, or some other art form. That's not really the important part to me: the idea was really just this: Now that I'm committed to do this, I actually have to take the time to capture how the world looks to me, and that hopefully, while I’m capturing these views, I’ll get better and better at it. I think that the world looks different through my eyes, feels different under my fingertips, and sounds different in my words than it does in yours. This is mine. I probably don’t capture it the best way; I just capture it in my own little way. Enjoy.


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